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Created by a data hosting professional, AvinGuard aims to become the secure reference for wine cellar management on the Internet with a long-term commitment.

Starting from a simple principle that the wine cellar is installed for several years, your inventory should be too and that without needing to trust a new application every four morning.

Secure your data, respect your confidentiality and make yourself free from any wine seller if you want, these are the pillars of AvinGuard.

allows you to manage your wine cellar as simply as possible thanks to many functions, such as NFC, barcode or text search.

Add your first 25 bottles for free and see how AvinGuard wants to make your life easier ...

Then, you can do advanced research, view your statistics, and even share your bottle entries when you offer wine to your friends.

You can trust AvinGuard, for it will monitor your wine cellar and send push notifications to notify the bottles to be consumed.

Because AvinGuard is independent and open-minded, it is compatible with assistive tools.